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At SGR sports academy with Dubai Irish Football club expert guidance, you can undergo training among skilled and talented players that help you develop an overall sports personality along with new skills and techniques. Our coaches train you with something new and something unique and develop both on and off the pitch. Having a proven track record in this professional sport, they develop and prepare you physically, mentally, tactically and technically.
At SGR sports academy, students are provided with everything to develop as a player and grow to meet the demands and expectations of the professional game.

About Dubai Irish FC

Dubai Irish FC is an amateur football club that was founded in 1998 and plays in the Dubai Amateur Football League. Originally, the club was made up primarily of Irish expatriates but after seventeen years, we have grown and developed into more than just a football club. Last year we had over 100 official members of the club.
For many new comers and residents of Dubai it provides a chance to play football, but more importantly a way to meet people and welcome players of all nationalities. Over the years the club has been the first point of contact for so many people entering the UAE.

You have to fight to reach your dream. You have to sacrifice and work hard for it.

-Lionel Messi

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